Researchers learn the importance of observing Preschoolers in action

Ya think?

This is a good example of why Teacher Research/Action Research is so important. As practitioners in the field and as teacher educators, we need to do research in our own settings and share that information with the field. We often bemoan the chasm that exists between what researchers do in their labs and what real-world practitioners need in their classrooms. In this brief blog post, which I found on Education Week,  a researcher describes how much she learned about cognition by spending time in a preschool! Yes, this is where we see cognitive development in action. Check out the blog post or go to the original study from Psychological Science for more information. You can also go to Cornell University’s Early Childhood Cognition Laboratory for a cool link that might be interesting to your students.

I think we need to keep asking questions about our own work. Jot down observations. Share with each other. This is how we will inform the field, and how we can eventually benefit from each others’ research!

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