Observation & Interpretation Paper – the first draft

This week, students proposed the following:

They want to work on the first part of the paper and bring the draft with them to class next week so we can talk about the observation narrative and I can provide feedback before they go on to finish the paper and submit it for a grade.

We agreed that the students would select an episode from their observation journal (observations about play in an ECE setting) and type it up for the narrative section of the “Observation and Interpretation Paper”. I also encouraged them to read the instructions for the interpretation section and jot down some ideas for how they think they will interpret the narrative. The Assignment description is found in the Assignments tab and I’ll also include it here: Assignment Description – Observation and Interpretation paper.

The interpretation = the connection between what you described in the narrative section, and what you have learned about in readings and discussions for class.

I’ve recorded a video that describes these two sections. To watch the video, click here.

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