How we spent class time this week

With the flipped classroom model, the goal is to free up time during class sessions in order to provide active support to students when they need it. I like the idea of active support because this is how it feels to me during the class sessions.

Before our class, I had already sent out two video clips about the Teacher Research Project (data collection, Teacher Research Showcase) and a Prezi for this week’s lesson. During class time,  students began working on their quizzes, and I spent some of that time typing feedback on their quizzes from last week in Blackboard. As students transitioned from the quiz to their work, I began moving around the room and these are some of the things we worked on:

  • A small group of students were concerned that they were not writing their field notes appropriately. I was able to talk with them about how the notes should look and what is most important to include.
  • I talked with one student about her concern that the ECE setting would not allow her to take photographs. She was worried that this may negatively impact her grade so it was a good opportunity to reassure her that this is not the case and to talk about alternative approaches to collecting the data she needs.
  • We looked at examples from previous Observation and Interpretation papers, and talked about their strengths and weaknesses. Students also paired up to discuss with each other how they might interpret each other’s observations. This was an effective exercise as students were giving each other good advice – I know this because I was listening!
  • I also walked around to each computer and offered to read student narratives and provide my direct feedback – several students took me up on this offer.
  • I helped students with various computer issues including signing up for an e-newsletter, saving documents to dropbox, and navigating the Prezi. Some students viewed my videos during class and others explored the various additional resources posted.

It was very busy during the entire 3.5 hour class session. Each student was busy with work the whole time. In fact, I had to urge them to take a break!

students working together 2

One student told me that while watching my video her young child was waving to me and asking why I wasn’t waving back!

It’s interesting to think of my students working on the lecture part of the class at times that are most convenient to them. So far, they are telling me that this model is working well.

Next week, I hope to make even more of an effort to actively support their work during the class session.

Students working together and with my support

Students working together and with my support

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  1. cnepstad says:

    Reblogged this on ACCESS to Shared Knowledge & Practices and commented:

    I’m continuing to explore the flipped classroom model in my own teaching and thought I would share this week’s reflections with the ACCESS community. What do you think of the Flip?

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